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Our Mission

To Promote, Educate and Advocate for NH Brewers and NH Craft Beer

The New Hampshire Brewers Association is a non-profit organization 501(c)(6) dedicated to promoting the development and expansion of the craft brewing industry throughout the state of New Hampshire.

Our mission as the sole independent representative of New Hampshire craft beer and breweries is to protect, promote, represent, educate, and advocate for the interests of our members.

Our efforts are primarily focused on:

  • Promotion: Driving awareness, increasing tourism, and raising the profile of NH beer and breweries through community engagement and various promotional and marketing initiatives.
  • Advocacy: Providing Association members with a unified voice to lobby for progressive changes in laws to benefit the brewing industry in our state.
  • Education: Educating the general public, consumers, local businesses, and breweries in planning about our products, services, and community. We constantly strive for excellence in beer quality by encouraging knowledge sharing, a collective pooling of resources, and fostering communication amongst our state’s breweries.

With over 70 NH Brewery Members and a growing number of Brewing-In-Planning members, our efforts within the craft beer community, culture, and industry continue to take hold throughout the Granite State, evidenced by our NH Brewers’ $506M economic impact in 2019.

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