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How the Nh Beer Trail Works

New Hampshire is a great place to explore. It's also a great place for beer! Whether you live in NH, or you're planning a visit, we think you should check out our state's great craft breweries. While you're beer trekking, be sure to ask each brewery you visit to stamp your NH beer trail.

You can pick up a paper beer trail at most breweries or even better, download the NH Brewers Association mobile app. Collect your QR stamps at each member brewery location, view NH beer events, access the NH brewery map and more. Happy Trails!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get all the prizes?

We offer one reward per beer trail. So, choose your submission wisely!

What’s your reward?

  • 10 breweries: NH Beer Trail Sticker Packet
  • 25-59 breweries: NH Beer Trail Hat & Sticker Packet
  • 60+ breweries: NH Beer Trail T-Shirt & prize pack!

We ask that you only mail/submit your trail and/or mobile app stamps in one single time. Please note if you mail it in with fewer than 10 breweries stamped, we will not be able to reward you.

Does my paper trail count with my mobile app?

Yes, we simply ask you to mail your original paper copy to us and provide your app user ID/email address so we can verify your total combined stamps/QR scans.

I got a new phone, where are all my stamps?

We’re working to find the best solution to transfer scanned QR codes from your old phone to your new phone. However, in the meantime, be sure to create an user ID on your mobile app before updating to your new phone. You’ll never lose any completed visits on the back end, as we are able to track all check-ins by the email provided in your account settings.

How long before I receive my rewards?

We are a small organization and fulfill beer trails once per month. Please allow 4-8 weeks once you mail it in for us to mail out your rewards.

I visited a brewery, but I forgot to get it signed or the QR code scanned, can I just check it off and mail it in?

Sorry, but we only accept beer trails that have been stamped by a brewery staff member or a valid QR code scanned at the brewery location.

Why did a brewery disappear?

That's not a mistake! Each year we have new breweries join and unfortunately some who do not rejoin the NH Brewers Association. We're sorry to see some breweries go, but please know we keep track of all previous check-in/QR code scans to help us validate your total visits.

A brewery is now closed, what do I do?

Based on new editions of the trail made each year, we realize you may have one featuring a brewery that has closed... we won't hold that against you, mail in your trail when you hit 10, 25 or more.

Do my stamps or codes expire?

No. With so many locations to choose from we realize we’d rather you take your time along the trail to enjoy each brewery visit and drink responsibly, no need to rush. But remember, some breweries may not appear on the trail or more may be added during your journey.

How do I cash out or claim my reward?

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