Sustainable Craft Beverage Recognition Program

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services' Pollution Prevention Program, with the help of the New Hampshire Brewers Association, has launched the Sustainable Craft Beverage Recognition Program. This expands the work the NH DES PPP has been doing with the craft beverage industry to improve energy efficiency, conserve water, minimize waste and reduce the volume and strength of wastewater.

The program creates an avenue to publicly recognize craft beverage producers who are making sustainable choices, preventing pollution, and conserving resources, while also encouraging other producers to implement such practices as well. It is a voluntary program offered to environmental leaders in the craft beverage industry who go above and beyond to produce high-quality, eco-friendly craft beverages.

The program will promote environmental best practices and provide technical assistance toward sustainable and operational goals. Producers must meet certain sustainability requirements, provide information on an environmental initiative instituted at their business that — reduces the amount of water, energy, waste, or greenhouse gas emission generated.  Applications can be submitted for admission into the program online.

The program is open for rolling enrollment and will require annual renewal. The concept is to seek opportunities for continuous improvement at breweries and offers support through videos, webinars, guidance documents, and on-site visits to help producers continue to expand their sustainability efforts.

Membership includes state recognition, technical assistance, and networking opportunities. Recognition program members will be featured on the New Hampshire Brewers Association Beer Trail Map and shown on New Hampshire Sustainable Craft Beverage Program Member Map. The New Hampshire Sustainable Craft Beverage Recognition Program is open to all craft beverage producers in New Hampshire. For more information or to apply, visit: The Sustainable Craft Beverage webpage or email .

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